General Rules

April 2014

Sandall Lake Fishing Rules

1)         Fishing from designated pegs/swims only. 6 Pegs for carp and pike fishing.

2)         Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

3)         Night fishing allowed only by Night Permit Holders and by appointment only. Contact Scott Holland for full rules on night fishing: 07539 655627.

4)         Minimum 15lb breaking strain fishing line for carp and pike anglers.

5)         When fishing for carp and pike, each angler ‘must’ have his/her own unhooking mat and minimum 36” landing net. A carp care kit is also to be used.

6)         There will be random rig checks. Please use safe rigs at all times.

7)         No unattended rods at any time.

8)         Keep all damaged or sick fish and report to fishery manager or bailiff.

9)         Litter/rubbish: Sandall Park lake is a well kept lake so please keep your swim tidy and cleaned up before leaving. Any litter found in your peg will be deemed to be yours. Please have respect for the lake and wildlife.

10)       Anglers of Sandall Park operate a night fishing booking on system and any pre-booked swim must be empty 2 hours before dark.

11)       The club operates a ‘three strikes and out’ policy.

12)       No artificial lure fishing.

13)       Pike fishing from 01/10 to 01/03 only.

14)       Any accidents or lost tackle to be reported.

15)       No alcohol.

16)       Toilets to be used when appropriate

17)       No abusive language or behaviour

18)       Valid Dept. of Environment Rod Licences to be held.

19)       Barbless hooks only

20)       No nuts or seeds

21)       Extreme care to be taken when fishing near waterbirds

22)       No leadcore

23)       Maximum hook size 8

We intend to print these rules on the back of the day ticket, have them displayed in the park and available for printing via the internet.


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