Our Aims

Eell July 2014


  • To return policed and regulated fishing in the park to anglers in a way that brings the community together rather than dividing it.
  • To build bridges between the community and anglers.
  • For fishing in the park to be an attraction to the non angling community as well as the anglers.
  • To strive to engender an interest in young people.
  • To provide diversionary activities for youngsters and at the same time help them learn respect for the environment.
  • To hold matches on the lake.
  • To include junior matches with supervision, and in accordance with legislation in relation to CRB/DBS checks and supervision of children.
  • Provide hints and tips to all interested parties.
  • Promote the use of the  disabled access pegs to make the sport all inclusive.
  • Keep the web site, Facebook and space in the FoSP notice boards within the park updated to communicate our intentions and news to a wide section of the community.
  • In doing all the above, we will be working towards protecting the environment and bio diversity of Sandall Park.