Anglers of Sandall Park (Previous Angling Club)

The angling club that held the lease for angling in the park until 31st March 2015 was the ‘Anglers of Sandall Park’ (AoSP). The lease ended on 31st March 2015 and was advertised by the council.

A totally new club the ‘Sandall Park Angling Club’ (SPAC) bid for the lease and was successful starting on the 1st April 2015. SPAC has nothing whatsoever to do with the previous club. The Chairman and officers of the group are not the same.

We are aware of certain issues regarding AoSP. Any complaints regarding angling in Sandall Park prior to 31st March 2015 should be made direct to Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council. Sandall Park Angling Club are not in a position to resolve issues regarding actions by AoSP or the refund of monies collected by AoSP.